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About us

Who are we?

About us

To present our history and our journey

It's a new beginning to really start from scratch as I embark on a new idea, management and implementation.

  • Doing research
  • Finding simpler solutions
  • Absolutely to implement with our experiences and skills

Our goal is to present as much information as possible about all our projects of different Pool and share with you the content where you wanted. It is now available!


Here is the page of all my projects

What is S.M.N.D.M.A?

I think every evening from 8:30 p.m. and some afternoon from 2 p.m. will be broadcast live on the Twitch, Linkedin, facebook platforms, and will be imported in VOD replay from Youtube and Odyssee. I discover with you in snapshots according to my moods to continue a series until it ends or certainly a moment to be blocked from several categories or themes to choose from and to evolve.

I'm not like these certain Twitch/Youtubeur streamers ask you for money, add a sponsored video for a few minutes and talk too much on video everyone!!!


Discovered all our different service services by Pool with more detailed rates


From €149HT / Hourly

  • Pool IT
  • Pool Webmaster
  • Pool Developper
  • Pool Natural Referencing
  • Pool Entrepreneur (In Option)
  • Pool Meeting (In Option)
  • Pool Hacker (In Option)
  • Pool Marketing (In Option)
  • Pool Music (In Option)
  • And even more...
  • Travel


From €20HT / Hourly

  • Pool Webmaster
  • Pool IT (In Option)
  • Pool Developper (In Option)
  • Pool Natural Referencing (In Option)
  • Pool Entrepreneur (In Option)
  • Pool Meeting (In Option)
  • Pool Hacker (In Option)
  • Pool Marketing (In Option)
  • And even more...
  • Travel (In Option)

The results

We share the results in public with all transparency every years.


Hard Work
450 €

1780 €

Benefit Crypto
370 €


Our tools

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